sharing some of the best practices for naming a business.


  • Do not name your business after your own name. Your business nameshould reflect attributes and personality of your products or services.
  • The name should be short, memorable and meaningful. Play with spellings (Flickr), make compound words (YouTube), blend meaningful words (DocMentors, Pinterest), coin new words (twitter), or play with everyday expressions (Yahoo!).
  • Avoid using abstract names (Bluetooth) unless you are sure that it fits your projected image to gain credibility and trust.
  • Select a name that is distinct from your competitors’.
  • Make sure that it is legally available. It should not be a trademark.
  • Make sure that a domain name for your business is not taken (even if you do not intend to build a website right away). Register an appropriate domain name. You can check for .com, .net, .biz or whatever suits your requirements.
  • List qualities, product names and services of your business and try to adjust them in the business name.
  • Use online tools like to find catchy names for your business.

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